We train professionals with modern theoretical and practical skills, who are able to work independently and to a high standard. They handle the related technologies with confidence, know the rules of occupational safety and accident prevention. Our decades of expertise guarantee the acquisition of marketable, up-to-date knowledge.

Why apply? What are the benefits?

We train professionals in sought-after professions who can have a secure employment.

In our courses and trainings, students can learn from qualified, experienced instructors who successfully prepare students for the expectations of both the domestic and foreign labor markets.

It is also possible to take a basic, professional German language course to facilitate employment abroad.

Our company is also present abroad, so we help our well-performing students to work not only in Hungary, but even abroad. Either within the company or through supplying personnel to other companies.

We start some of our trainings regularly at the announced time, others depending on the applications. Apply even if you do not find the course or training you have chosen, as we may be able to start the next group with your application.


We welcome applications from employers, to arrange courses for their staff based on their individual needs, even on-site.


Contact us by telephone at +36 (46) 505-533 number, or in email at the intern@internkft.hu address, or simply by using the form.


    Our courses and trainings: