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Certified GTAW welding course (OKJ)


Terms of participation: Primary education, health aptitude test.

Schedule: 1 day / week (Saturday)

Duration: 498 hours (149 hours of lectures; 349 hours of hands-on training).

Starts: 5th of September, 2020.

Exam: 30th of August, 2021.

Location: Intern Kft.
3527 Miskolc, Vásárhelyi Pál u. 6.

Price: 340.000, – HUF

Exam fee: 60.000, – HUF

Examination method: Module closing exams, OKJ exam (oral test, practical test)

Why apply? What's the advantages?

Last opportunity to obtain the OKJ Certificate at Intern Kft.

Working in Hungary or even abroad.
A profession well in demand, secure employment.

In our courses and trainings, students can learn from qualified, experienced instructors who successfully prepare students for the expectations of both the domestic and foreign labor markets.


  • It is a preofession well in demand not just in Hungary but also in Germany, Austria or in the Netherlands.
  • After the qualified welding course, excellent employment opportunities await you.
  • Education at a high professional level.
  • It is also possible to take a basic, professional German language course to facilitate employment abroad.
  • Our company is also present abroad, so we can help you find a job.
Apply by telephone +36 (46) 505-533 , by email at the address, or simply using the form below.

Further information

The course’s education modules:

Mechanical safety and environmental protection (10163-12 )

Mechanical basic tasks (10162-12)

Preparing and finalizing a welding operation (10180-12)

GTAW welding tasks (11457-12)

Terms of the successful exam:

Conditions for passing the GTAW welding OKJ course exam is the successful final module exam, which consists of oral, written and practical parts.

Our courses in general:

After the welding courses organized by Intern Kft., our students master the preparatory and finishing operations of welding work. In addition, they are able to safely handle and use welding tools and related technologies and comply with occupational safety and accident prevention regulations.

At the end of the course, our students can take part in an intensive German-language engineering course on request. Doing this can be of great help to them in the event of a possible employment abroad. Our company has been successfully training professionals for both the Hungarian and German markets for more than 10 years. Our decades of expertise guarantee the acquisition of marketable, up-to-date knowledge.