We are heartbroken to inform everyone who knew, loved and respected, that

Katalin Molnár
founder of the Intern Kft.

passed away at 66.
Her memory lives on in our hearts forever.


We are working on building and repairing of factories, workshops in Hungary and in Germany. We have a 600 m2 production base in Miskolc (Hungary), and a premise in Wiesbaden (Germany).


Our most important activity. For industrial and commercial facilities, during construction, demolition or renovation - we work with extensive experience, mastery material knowledge and the application of the latest welding technology solutions, either on the building or on technological equipment.

Using state-of-the-art materials, our widely applicable plumbing capacity extends from architectural needs to various elements of technology. Our pre-production capacity and decades of supplier relationships enable fast and accurate work.



We design and manufacture timeless elements of space with unique welding technology solutions. Stairs, railings, fences, flower runners, storages - thanks to the stainless and acid-resistant materials, our work is not only durable, but also spectacular.


We repair and renovate worn, broken, cracked parts in all areas of the industry. Equipments of paper or chemical industry, alloy wheels - just a few examples of what is being renewed in our hall.

We sell all the necessary materials, devices and accessories for welding and assembly - with great experience, but following modern trends. Our colleagues can provide expert advices also. The devices are serviced. Our stock is available in our store and webshop. www.hegesztohaz.hu