Our company was founded in 1994, with 100% private investment. We started with 10 employees, repairing and refurbishing defected machine parts with special welding.

In the meantime, our profile was broadened and highly developed. We are working on various factory and plant building, reconstructions and on general overhauls in Hungary and in Germany.

Our portfolio includes technological assembly in chemical industry, building of steel frameworks and machinery, education, vocational training and both retailing and wholesaling of all welding-related products, stainless pipes, fittings.



During our production activity, the need to establish a production base also arose, so we established a 600 square meters site in Miskolc in 1997. We are constantly developing our machine park. Our goal is to provide a stable background for on-site installations.

From May of 2004, we started our operations in Germany, taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the accession to the EU, registering our company's location in Wiesbaden.


In January of 2000, we opened our welding technology shop at our site, which also provides regional representation for BÖHLER welding consumables. You can also conveniently access our products online from our webshop. (www.hegesztohaz.hu)

In addition, we provide our customers with a number of other services related to the above, such as the repair, inspection and rental of welding machines, and the distribution of Linde technical gases. We are waiting for our customers with a renewed stock of goods and a renovated store. Our specialist store provides regional representation of BÖHLER and NOVOFIL in Miskolc and the region. Our main suppliers: BÖHLER, PANELECTRODE, COVERGUARD, ECE, METABO, WELD IMPEX, IWELD

We sell a number of welding machines to suit different needs. Our product range also includes CO2 welding equipments, TIG welding machines and plasma jet equipments.

Of course, in addition to complete welding machines and electrodes and wires, we also sell other products related to welding. Welding machine parts, torches, hoses, welding guns, radical guns, reducers, gas deflectors, current transmitters, and many other things that can get into a person's hands during welding .

It is inevitable that welding companies come into contact with industrial gases. As the warehouse of Linde Gáz Magyarország Rt., We provide the transport of the most common gases during welding (acetylene, oxygen, CO2, argon, corgon, etc.), as well as carbon dioxide gases for use in the food industry.

The specialty store has also started distributing other industrial hand tools and equipment in order to provide a suitable background and equipment base for carrying out additional welding-related work. For this background, we recommend METABO hand tools. The most common hand tools we sell are: impact drills, angle grinders, cordless drills, hand-held circular saws, jigsaws, eccentric grinders, and more.

An area closely related to welding is occupational safety. In addition to the basic welding-related work safety equipment, you will find a wide range of workwear and protective equipment: jackets, vests, workwear, protective gloves, safety boots, safety helmets and shields, seat belts, etc.

Maintenance station

Since our welding machine fleet is large enough, it is obvious that we can repair our machines ourselves. This service is available to our customers also. In our service we can repair almost all types of welding machines, we also provide certification and inspections.


In 2003, we accredited our educational activities, and established an 8 platform welding school, which is also suitable for organizing qualification exams. Our welding trainings, SCC and VCA trainings, and fire protection exam organization are ongoing.

In the field of educational organization, our company has been an accredited training institution since 2004. Many of our courses run under company organization in the county, training welding specialists.

Our company provides a place as a tutorial class of excercise for industrial students from other schools. Young people can learn the most important principles of the profession of welder, locksmith, electrician, plumber and engining technician in high-quality conditions with the help of experienced craftsmen. Our company can employ outstanding young people within the framework of its own employment.

Our company also conducts occupational safety trainings. For domestic work, we usually organize and hold a Fire Protection Exam with experienced and trained instructors. Our company also organizes SCC and VCA courses for working abroad, which are also held by professionals.

Technical features:

  • 53 welding machines for inverter and conventional design for CO2 shielding gas, coated electrode and TIG welding processes
  • mounting tools
  • nozzle turning-mills
  • flamethrowers
  • spot welding machines
  • containers, booths installed on site

Personal features:

  • intellectual staff: 11 people
  • workmen: 21 main plumbers, locksmiths; 30 certified welders

Special equipment:

  • 84 kW, 6-channel mobile seam heat treatment machine
  • Trumpf TrumaCut E 1030 plate shears
  • 1.5 tonne rotary crane
  • DEMMELER 3D welding tables
  • DURMA ADR type edge bending machine


  • material supply trucks
  • staff minibuses
  • personal cars
  • forklift